2022/2023 season

Jan. 05, 2022

18+ (adults) season schedule

 Adult teams usually know that they have a team for the new season at the end of last season. This means many teams are ready to play games in September.

 Adult teams usually only games (no practices). Their preference is to play weekly from September through April.

Central Region

 In Central Region 10 home games per teams are scheduled for a total of 20 games. The goal for 2022/2022 is to expand that to 24 games (12 + 12).

Southern Region

 The goal for Southern Region teams would be to organize the schedules the same as Central Region.


 Players/Team would need to be registered and committed prior to Sept 05 in order for the season to begin as early as mid September 

Registration and funding models 

 If an increase to number of games in a season were to be concidered, associations would need to know early so that ice could be secured and pricing established.

 There are two basic methods of pricing, per player or per team.

Per player

 With the per player model there is a possibility of associations not getting enough players to cover the basic ice costs.

Per team

 With the per team model, the total costs to offer 12 home games would be calculated (plus RO fees and an additional 10% to 15% added to help support the other programs. Jerseys would be a team responsibility. 

 U19 B season schedule

 There is a great deal of desire to duplicate the 18+ scheduling plan to the U19 division, and the same issues and concerns apply in this age group as it does in the 18+ age group.