Entering Game Scores (on the website)


  • Use a computer or mobile device to login to your RAMP team admin page
  • If your association is a RAMP site, your association supplies your username and password
    • If you do not have one yet click here
  • If you are not yet a RAMP site the league provides your login name and password for your team.
    • If you do not have one yet click here

Steps to enter a score & game details:

  • The home team is responsible to enter details for home games, however the visiting team can also enter the score.
  • Login to the RAMP website using the team login and password provided.

  • Select the League Games on the left panel

  • Select the green pencil icon to the right of the completed game
    • remember, if there is a green pencil wou can enter the score
  • Enter the details of the game including:
    • Score (both Home and Visitor scores)
      • Remember the score should never reflect more than a 7 goal spread
    • Select Live Score
    • Select Game is Finished

You are finished

The attached video may also be helpful